Our Future

Growing up Derby

Ages 10-17

Our Teams:

Competitive Travel Team

Our TKO Female team competes in high level roller derby amongst both Male and Female teams within Junior Roller Derby Association (JRDA).

We were thrilled and excited to take 4th place in 2022-2023 JRDA Final Regular Season Rankings. Placement on the team is based on try-outs.

Our A Team - The TKO's

#18 Maddie Hatter,  #317 Riled Up (Captain), #11 Rapunchal, #10 CinderHella, #3 Slambie  #1205 Grimm ReapHer,  #28 Sam I Slam, #49 Killer Kiwi, #03 Tiki Torch-Her, #95 Lightening McQuinn (Captain), #69 Nikki Jamz, #39 Rip Curler, #55 Bridge Burner

Our B team the Uppercuts is a mixed gender team that is making strides and focused on learning high skilled roller derby. They participate in games against teams that close and at the same level. Let's meet the B Team:

OUR B Team/Charter  The Uppercuts

#1 BamBam, #150 Bella La Donna (charter), #113 Dolly Violent, #17 Karma Gettem, #7 Lead Pipe,#101 Rainbow Bite, #88 Scare Bear, #2 Thrasher Crasher (charter), #8 Tink-Her Bell, #112 Triple Threat (charter), 66 Rink Rat, Sugar N'Spice, #818 Sugar Rush (charter), #912 Shelly Stitches, #71 TaMolly (charter), #14 Little Revenge, #21 Punky Bruiser, DracuLola

*Charter- ability to fill in for A team games

Last but never least our up and comers working hard in training-

Our Sluggers

Ace of Skates, Stevie Kicks, & Slaughter Pop

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in Joining-

Come visit us at Practice:

Monday: 4:15 to 6:00 or Friday: 5:15 to 6:30

Or contact Brooklyn Dodge-Her ([email protected])

All genders excepted !!

So many levels of derby.... all working for the next step!!

Interested no experience required reach out!

Located in Ventura, California and primarily participating in all skill levels of gameplay and we are in the JRDA family.